Reliable Earthquake Warning Systems

There is a lot of money being spent on 'in-ground earthquake warning systems,' yet people are still caught unawares and trapped in their own offices and habitations. Let's stop looking at the ground, and start looking at the heavens -the real source of the quakes. After forty years of studying thousands of earthquakes, and making thousands of miscalculations -we have come closer to identifying the pertinent signatures of forthcoming shakers.

We present analysis of the recent devastating earthquakes that hit Mexico City in 1985, and again on the same day of the month Sept.19, 2017. At this moment we are awaiting and seeking further funding to equip a research and data center to provide advance-warning to major cities that subscribe to our reports of potential seismic tremors in their urban centers. Hopefully, and soon, major towns and cities around the world will have forecasts of potential dangers . contact us for more information at: atlas (at)

The similarity of the two quakes, separated by 32 years, provides us with the roots of the two catastrophes.


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