Earthquake Prediction

There is no doubt that all weather conditions, hurricanes, volcanoes,and seismic tectonics are caused by the Sun, Moon, and planets in their numerous cycles. Having studied the 1906 and 1989 San Francisco earthquakes, and the 1857 Fort Tejon, California monster quake; it seems apparent that geometric relationships between heavenly bodies are the key trigger to causing these amazing shakers. Also important is that the planets and the Sun and Moon are configured in a geometric relationship to the geographical location of the event.

On this November the fifteenth there is a strong relationship of Sun, Moon, and planets centered upon the geographical location of San Francisco and the west coast of California. The exact geometric relationships are not a bull's eye; but are within ten to fifteen degrees of target.

Is this a cause for concern? Probably not; but I would suggest that one take notice of this date.
Oop's another mis-calculated prediction. On November 12th a 7.3 magnitude quake struck the Iran-Iraq border around Baghdad (44 E) which is diametrically opposite to 136 degrees west longitude surrounded by Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus [136 degrees west] Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Galactic Center.


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