Real Decisions to Save California

The exceptional farmland of the Central Valley of California, Salinas, Half Moon Bay, and other coastal pockets are being built upon by housing developments, and denied agricultural water resources. The river systems and their important surrounding wetlands must be restored in order to refill the underground aquifers according to the early California maps showing major tulare and reed areas along all rivers. Catchments, reservoirs, and basins must be built to conserve the precious snowfalls of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. At this moment in time, the tremendous snowfall of 2019 threatens to destroy the ill-constructed dam at Oroville and tear apart the antiquated levee systems of the Central Valley. The Russian River continues to overflow on a regular basis and politicians declare states-of-emergency which allow state and federal tax-payers’ dollars to be used to clean up and restore Guerneville; and continually fund dangerous rescue missions of people who disregard official mandates …


The demi-god Thoth invented letters to facilitate the art of writing. He brought his invention to the King of Egypt who was impressed; but prophesized that writing would destroy the art of memory forever; and falsely convinces people that they knew something when they did not know it in their minds. In all times parents attempt to share their wisdom with their children –but they cannot, because each of us must gain experiences for ourselves in order to make an impression upon our own mind. The Cosmic Mind communicates and creates everything through intelligence and mentality. We are only in touch and ‘in communication’ with the Supreme Intelligence if our mind is subtle, informed, and structured with proper conceptions, true paradigms, and natural and cosmic facts. We do not know anything –unless we can speak of it from our mind. The Art of Memory must again be taught in our schools combining iconic paradigms that contain multiple subjects within an easily followed mnemonic-poetic for…

Bad Energy Could Be Curative Good Energy

In Temple of Heaven & Earth (2016) I put forward the idea that the Hayward and San Andreas Earthquake Fault-lines were responsible for the high-tech explosion of the Silicon Valley on the San Francisco Peninsula. These two geological fractures beneath the Bay Area tech-sector may also have helped producethe exceptionally high numbers of Nobel Prize recipients and Olympic athletes from the universities of Berkeley and Stanford. Numerous dowsers have chided this idea saying that these earth-shaking conduits carry nothing but black and negative electro-magnetic forces. I respond that there may be psychological evidence that suggests that it is a very different type of person that attends these famous universities. Berkeley is noted for its ‘counter-culture & Hippies,’ the ‘Radical Free Speech Movement,’ Livermore Laboratories, and ‘Save the Bay’ campaign that became an international model for environmental protection movements. Both institutions could be characterized by the fil…

Addition to 'Record Heatwave' Posting below

The astrological formation shown in the post below (Record Heatwave) also spawned Hurricane Irma in the Atlantic Ocean which swept by Puerto Rico and Cuba traveling up the west coast of Florida as its massive wide vortex created trouble on both coasts of Florida and also the east coasts of Georgia, and South Carolina with outrageous, high, record breaking storm surges. Irma also broke many records including continual days of 180 mph winds. Wow ! The point of landfall for Irma was directly between Galactic Center + Saturn and the planet Pluto (On September 1st, start of the heatwave, the Moon marked the eventual location of the landfall of Irma).Please, mark the Galactic Center on your astrological charts and forecasts, as this position is a power point that will give out energy in the future.

All Time Record Heat in California

September 1, 2017 marks 'All Time Record Heat in California' and elsewhere. Is this a sign of Global Warming or Climate Change. No, it is not. It is a simple, single astrological event producing the most extraordinary heat since record keeping began in 1849. It will last about three days and then de-materialize as a one time event.

As anyone can see: the Sun, Mars, and Mercury are in conjunction in the fire-sign of Leo. These are triangular to Saturn, Galactic Center, and Moon in another fire-sign, Sagittarius. The planets Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune are part of this equation through geometric relationships according to Classical Ptolemaic astrology. Planetary positions are Right-Ascension from via Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena DE245.
I am so sick and tired of Classical Astrology being defamed as un-scientific. I have been recording natural events such as weather and earthquakes for over 50 years. Please call your Congress Person to promote education i…

Cosmic Diet # 2

In regard to the above mentioned benefits of sleep, it is also appropriate to turn to the subject of diet and health from a cosmological viewpoint. In the Golden Age people understood that energy is available at holy sites, through sunlight, at dawn, through sleep and rest, and countless other avenues. Energy through food and drink is just an extra for soldiers, athletes, hard-working farmers, sailors, and tradesmen, and rescue workers. Therefore, when you wake up –you don’t need to fill up the tank or recharge the battery because you are already recharged. A glass of water and a banana will get you where you are going. With this in mind either stick to three tiny meals a day, or go on an ‘energy as needed’ regime. Again, you are full of holy energy in your bones, muscle, and body; as well as extra energy from restful deep sleep. You really need to eat at sundown. This is a cosmic diet and you should align yourself to the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. Get up before daw…

Astronomy is the Key to solving the World's Mysteries

“Culture of Astronomy”by Thomas K. Dietrich presents the key to solving the World’s Ancient Mysteries through Astronomy.
Dietrich has traveled the globe preforming on-site investigations at holy energy sites after spending a lifetime of studying ancient records, worldviews, and culture. He has found that all ancient civilizations begin with their appreciation of the mechanisms and principles of astronomy which leads them directly to other sciences, philosophy, and religion. Astronomy is the mother of science. The cycles of astronomy contain the history of the world. Cosmic myth is written upon the constellations in the sky. Geologic upheavals of flood, fire, drought, and ice are assigned to the signs of the zodiac.
Astronomy developed the “scientific method” of long-term observation, recordation within a calibrated setting of wooden and stone markers, continual review, and adjusted by more sky-watching and record-keeping prior to attempting to formulate theories and conclusions. We may …