Cosmic Diet # 2

The Cosmic Diet works! I have lost weight while gaining muscle! Why? Because the Cosmic Diet encourages you to respect food and consider what you eat. Please check out our new book on Amazon & Kindle: Temple of Heaven & Earth, concerning astronomy and energy management. If you are fat and ugly like me -a lot of the problem was that we did not understand energy management. After a restful night's sleep our 50+ million damaged cells are restored. We are recharged by sleep and inactivity which is essential to restore our bodies and mind. In reality we do not need to seek energy in food and drink -but we do not want to shock our system completely. Therefore start the day with fresh fruit and nuts. Overall, we should try to become partners with the current cycles of the universe. The cosmic diet makes us consider, 'what is happening in the cosmos?' First of all, what season are we it? Spring is moist (Lay off moist stuff it IS already in the air); Summer is hot (you ne…

Astronomy is the Key to solving the World's Mysteries

“Culture of Astronomy”by Thomas K. Dietrich presents the key to solving the World’s Ancient Mysteries through Astronomy.
Dietrich has traveled the globe preforming on-site investigations at holy energy sites after spending a lifetime of studying ancient records, worldviews, and culture. He has found that all ancient civilizations begin with their appreciation of the mechanisms and principles of astronomy which leads them directly to other sciences, philosophy, and religion. Astronomy is the mother of science. The cycles of astronomy contain the history of the world. Cosmic myth is written upon the constellations in the sky. Geologic upheavals of flood, fire, drought, and ice are assigned to the signs of the zodiac.
Astronomy developed the “scientific method” of long-term observation, recordation within a calibrated setting of wooden and stone markers, continual review, and adjusted by more sky-watching and record-keeping prior to attempting to formulate theories and conclusions. We may …
THE COSMIC DIET by Thomas Karl Dietrich 3/3/2015 @3:33 PM
***Before starting on any diet, you must consult your doctor***

By good fortune I was struck by the Georgia Flu and became violently ill with horrendous bodily convulsions which caused a weight loss of about ten pounds. Such a reduction in body weight is remarkable in aged people of sixty-six years. I resolved to turn this event to my profit, and I would practice a strict diet to maintain this wonderful weight-loss. My wife and I had attended a six week weight-loss program by Kaiser Health where we picked up some important tips: This diet is based upon Cosmic principles. ·You must take control of your body. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at regular time periods. Cut down on the size of the portions. Do not miss a meal. Do not snack between meals. These rules are absolutely core because you do not want to frighten your body by starvation tactics which will put your whole system out of regularity and balance. You want to assure …
Sagittarius “A” Complex in Scorpio/Sagittarius, the Center of Our Galaxy How did the ancient astronomers know the exact position of the center of our Milky Way Galaxy? Paul LaViolette, Earth under Fire, tells us that the Ancients knew the exact center of the Milky Way Galaxy even though it is obscured by inter-stellar clouds of dust. The olden astronomers marked its location by the arrow-point (Arabic, Al Nasal) of the constellation Sagittarius shown by the orange-colored star Gamma Sagittarii (γ Sgr). Because our solar system moves; and the stars move –our long-term perspective of the universe changes slightly over time. 18,200 years ago Sagittarius’ arrow shaft pointed precisely toward the galactic center –which is quite astounding.
The first modern estimate of the Galactic Center was made by Harlow Shapley in 1917 by determining the 93 globular (dense ball-like) star clusters scattered uniformly around our galaxy. Knowing the position and distance of each cluster, he was able to mak…

Astrology & Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Shooter

Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Shooter & Astro Logic
The New Moon shooting at Sand Hook by 20 year old Adam Lanza was an act eclipsing the most profound Greek tragedy. Even Oedipus would not knowingly shoot his mother with several rounds and follow this matricide with a slaughter of holy innocents. Everyone will reasonably conclude that Adam was not in full possession of his faculties –non compos mentis. An individual guided by a sound mind would not –could not perform such actions. However, scientific, psychological, and astrological analysis point directly to powerful outside causes that prompted this behavior. Some reports said that Adam shot his mother because she was going to commit him to a mental-help institution. He shot the innocent children in a fit of supreme jealousy because his mother was overly involved as a teacher's aid to that class of young children.
Scientific Right-Ascension Astro-Logic data for the day of the shooting, and David’s birthday do not show an obviou…

Overpopulation is recognized as one of the greatest natural environmental disasters. Yet, corporations like people who are the consumers of products and services that enrich nations. There are some important questions to consider concerning the magnitude of this problem. Could the initial rise of advanced civilization and technology be related to the rise of population? Could over-population result in over technologization and a regression away from progress?
A philosopher like me might conjecture that technology is inclined to outpace itself, and overstep its own best advances. For example, the canal systems in Ireland, England, and America were the most efficient way to transport goods over long distances with a minimum of pollution, noise, and expenditure of energy and waste. The current world population is around eight billion. This dynamic places an immediate strain upon government, schools, courts, prisons, business, food production, resources, law and order, indi…

Halloween and Astronomy

I was grocery shopping today and the checkout clerk remaked how she hated American Halloween -with all those scarry and quite horrible monsters! I certainly agreed with her. In Mexica-Maya-Andean and in Druid Ireland, England, and Europe this day marks a beautiful and sacred cultural feast in memory of the departed souls of every family. Picnic baskets are packed and taken to spend and enjoy the night at the cemetry where ancient loved ones are buried. This is the Feast of All Souls or Halloween currently celebrated October 31st.

This feast is based upon astronomy, and should be correctly celebrated on December 19th (when the Sun is between Scorpio and Sagittarius) during our present time as the Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes changes the equinoxes and solstices during a full cycle of 25,920 years. Ancient people believed that when the souls seperated from their earthly bodies that they entered the Milky Way at the blackhole matrix located at about 17:46:25 Right Ascension -which i…