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Astrology & Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Shooter

Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Shooter & Astro Logic
The New Moon shooting at Sand Hook by 20 year old Adam Lanza was an act eclipsing the most profound Greek tragedy. Even Oedipus would not knowingly shoot his mother with several rounds and follow this matricide with a slaughter of holy innocents. Everyone will reasonably conclude that Adam was not in full possession of his faculties –non compos mentis. An individual guided by a sound mind would not –could not perform such actions. However, scientific, psychological, and astrological analysis point directly to powerful outside causes that prompted this behavior. Some reports said that Adam shot his mother because she was going to commit him to a mental-help institution. He shot the innocent children in a fit of supreme jealousy because his mother was overly involved as a teacher's aid to that class of young children.
Scientific Right-Ascension Astro-Logic data for the day of the shooting, and David’s birthday do not show an obviou…

Overpopulation is recognized as one of the greatest natural environmental disasters. Yet, corporations like people who are the consumers of products and services that enrich nations. There are some important questions to consider concerning the magnitude of this problem. Could the initial rise of advanced civilization and technology be related to the rise of population? Could over-population result in over technologization and a regression away from progress?
A philosopher like me might conjecture that technology is inclined to outpace itself, and overstep its own best advances. For example, the canal systems in Ireland, England, and America were the most efficient way to transport goods over long distances with a minimum of pollution, noise, and expenditure of energy and waste. The current world population is around eight billion. This dynamic places an immediate strain upon government, schools, courts, prisons, business, food production, resources, law and order, indi…