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Halloween and Astronomy

I was grocery shopping today and the checkout clerk remaked how she hated American Halloween -with all those scarry and quite horrible monsters! I certainly agreed with her. In Mexica-Maya-Andean and in Druid Ireland, England, and Europe this day marks a beautiful and sacred cultural feast in memory of the departed souls of every family. Picnic baskets are packed and taken to spend and enjoy the night at the cemetry where ancient loved ones are buried. This is the Feast of All Souls or Halloween currently celebrated October 31st.

This feast is based upon astronomy, and should be correctly celebrated on December 19th (when the Sun is between Scorpio and Sagittarius) during our present time as the Precession of the Vernal Equinoxes changes the equinoxes and solstices during a full cycle of 25,920 years. Ancient people believed that when the souls seperated from their earthly bodies that they entered the Milky Way at the blackhole matrix located at about 17:46:25 Right Ascension -which i…

Climate Change & Global Warming

Global Warming & Theories on Ancient Climate Cycles

Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, presents scientific data which depicts a forthcoming global crisis which will change ocean levels and accentuate weather conditions which will threaten the places where millions of people live. Extreme weather conditions will threaten our electric-based societies.

Some Talking Points:

The number one scientifically recognized natural disaster is, and will always be, over-population.
Corporations and governments are actually looking forward to some of the effects of Global Warming. The USA, Russia, Norway, and Canada are fighting in the World Court over the oil and mineral rich under-sea territory at the North Polar regions which will be accessible when the ice melts. The ancient North-West Passage will once again be opened for transport. Russia and Canada have already signed trade agreements to exchange commodities when the Arctic Ocean is open to easy navigation. …


Astronomy and the Early Greek Philosophers

Astronomy was the first system of thought that brought order into the cosmos. This system made peoples lives more prosperous, safer, intelligible, and enjoyable. Astronomy provided insights into agriculture, weather, and the possibilities of deep-sea navigation. Astronomy also made people's lives more comfortable and secure through a better understanding of nature and the cosmos around them. First there was Chaos, then came astronomy to unveil the underlying order of the cosmos when helped humans feel at home in the vast universe.

Archaeoastronomy is called "the culture of astronomy" and should include all those areas of human activity which astronomy has touched and influenced. Naturally these areas include the Earth, Sun, Moon, and stars. But, astronomy as the first science has touched upon everything that we know such as myth, astrology, other sciences, n…

Sedona Vortex and Astronomy

Last week while visiting the Desert Lookout, located at the far eastern end of the Grand Canyon of Arizona, I noticed a star map with constellations carved into a red rock slab at the roof terrace of the high tower observatory. The stone delineated figures pecked-out and typical high magnitude major stars surrounded by pecked outlines to emphasize their importance. This tower was built upon ancient foundations of a former tower; and designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter in 1932 in emulation of the many strange prehistoric towers found scattered over a large area of the American Southwest. These towers are unquestionably ancient astronomical observatories associated with the rituals of the Hopi copied from the older indigenous Snake People. They also resemble the Irish High Towers in many aspects of astronomy, protection, and food storage.
In Sedona we took a jeep trip to one of the lesser visited vortex spirals named “The Merry-go-round” high up in the canyons terminating the Colorado…