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The demi-god Thoth invented letters to facilitate the art of writing. He brought his invention to the King of Egypt who was impressed; but prophesized that writing would destroy the art of memory forever; and falsely convinces people that they knew something when they did not know it in their minds. In all times parents attempt to share their wisdom with their children –but they cannot, because each of us must gain experiences for ourselves in order to make an impression upon our own mind. The Cosmic Mind communicates and creates everything through intelligence and mentality. We are only in touch and ‘in communication’ with the Supreme Intelligence if our mind is subtle, informed, and structured with proper conceptions, true paradigms, and natural and cosmic facts. We do not know anything –unless we can speak of it from our mind. The Art of Memory must again be taught in our schools combining iconic paradigms that contain multiple subjects within an easily followed mnemonic-poetic for…