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Cosmic Diet # 2

In regard to the above mentioned benefits of sleep, it is also appropriate to turn to the subject of diet and health from a cosmological viewpoint. In the Golden Age people understood that energy is available at holy sites, through sunlight, at dawn, through sleep and rest, and countless other avenues. Energy through food and drink is just an extra for soldiers, athletes, hard-working farmers, sailors, and tradesmen, and rescue workers. Therefore, when you wake up –you don’t need to fill up the tank or recharge the battery because you are already recharged. A glass of water and a banana will get you where you are going. With this in mind either stick to three tiny meals a day, or go on an ‘energy as needed’ regime. Again, you are full of holy energy in your bones, muscle, and body; as well as extra energy from restful deep sleep. You really need to eat at sundown. This is a cosmic diet and you should align yourself to the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. Get up before daw…