Astrology & Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Shooter

Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Shooter & Astro Logic

The New Moon shooting at Sand Hook by 20 year old Adam Lanza was an act eclipsing the most profound Greek tragedy. Even Oedipus would not knowingly shoot his mother with several rounds and follow this matricide with a slaughter of holy innocents. Everyone will reasonably conclude that Adam was not in full possession of his faculties –non compos mentis. An individual guided by a sound mind would not –could not perform such actions. However, scientific, psychological, and astrological analysis point directly to powerful outside causes that prompted this behavior. Some reports said that Adam shot his mother because she was going to commit him to a mental-help institution. He shot the innocent children in a fit of supreme jealousy because his mother was overly involved as a teacher's aid to that class of young children.

Scientific Right-Ascension Astro-Logic data for the day of the shooting, and David’s birthday do not show an obvious correlation that would trigger these horrific events. However, the horoscope of his geniture paints an informational image of the events that were to follow. In Mexica-Maya-Andean culture it was the custom of the village astronomers to warn their neighbors, “No co-habiting tonight please; Mars sits unfavorably with the Moon, leave your wives in peace!” The culture of Kingston, New Hampshire, or wherever David was begotten did not offer these astrological amenities. The interpolated date of his insemination is presented below:

I am not an astrologer, but as a cultural historian of astronomy, it cannot be overlooked that Saturn directly opposes the Sun –a condition of extreme concern according to Ptolemy, the Alexandrian astronomer and geographer who wrote a compendium of classical astrology. As well, Mars is in precise conjunction with Venus who are both quartile, 90° to the Moon –a disastrous geometric relationship where Mars controls the beneficial nature of Venus also dominating the intuitive nature of the Moon. There are numerous nuisances and sub-themes such as the conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, and the birthplace –operating with the Moon, and surrounding the Blackhole matrix of our galaxy (to which Jupiter & Mercury are triangular). The main feature of this horoscope is that Saturn and Mars dominate the luminaries –especially Mars rising before the Sun.

Horoscope of December 14, 2012 –The Day of the Shooting
On the day of the shooting, it may be noticed that the Sun and the Moon were in conjunction together –and with the Blackhole matrix of our galaxy which figured in Adam’s horoscope of conception. Mars and Pluto surround the geographic longitude of Sandy Hook. Jupiter is in opposition on a line that splits the positions of Saturn and Mars which surround and appear to dominate Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Moon.

Adam’s Birth-chart of the Body on April 22, 1992

The physical birth-chart again shows the dangerous quartile grip of Mars on the Moon positioned directly above the Blackhole Matrix of the galaxy –which was the key trigger to the day of the shooting, December 14, 2012. Uranus and Neptune are in conjunction directly above Adam’s birthplace, Kingston, New Hampshire at 71°West longitude. Saturn and Mars stand along the opposition line of Jupiter and they are centrally positioned between Sun and Moon, and most of the planets. Remember, on the day of the shooting; Saturn and Mars were surrounding most of the planets.


As a cultural philosopher of astronomy I do not believe in absolute fatalism. Astro-logic is a strong determinate but every human carries with them a DNA catalogue of ancestors whose astro-logic stamp adds incredible variety to a person’s DNA character. We are the product of a panoply of our parent’s love, our experiences, our education, religious instructors, media, the influence of our schoolmates, the words of our teachers, relations, and neighbors. No one thing can set us off to commit a horrible, antisocial, and immoral act. It cannot be denied that Adam’s geniture was predisposed toward dysfunctional and antisocial acts –but “one swallow does not a summer make.” Powerful actions are set off by a multitude of many triggers.

In light of this conclusion; it is appalling that the agenda of gun-control has been interjected as a primary and fix-all solution into this tragedy. This discussion is an intellectual diversion to the imperative and real issues at hand. There are many more important issues to be addressed before guns –namely the dominant programs and function of American education, the role of school psychologists, teachers, and parents –acting together as a team and a social organism. The trajectory of this crime was a school –obviously the theater of Adam’s hurtful misconceptions. American educators and teachers need to stand up and assume some of the responsibility for this terrible event –since they were a significant partner who failed to redirect Adam and to address his problems. As many, many things led up to Adam’s horrific, deadly carnage and suicide –so too, there are many, many questions to be discussed.

The experience and data of ancient and classical astrology has demonstrated the awful consequence of mal-alignments of Saturn and Sun, and Mars with the Moon. But the point is that multitudes of little annoyances built up inside Adam which were observed by parents, teachers, psychologists, and peers. Someone, and all, within this chain of acquaintances dropped the ball, and many innocents died; while others were bombarded with nightmarish impressions and experiences that will haunt their entire lives. More importantly, modern educational practices and dogma are failing to provide the cultural foundation for our country. As one critic said, “Education today has transformed itself into to state-run orphanages that feed, detain, and baby-sit the future generation without providing the moral compass and knowledge of life and history that young people so desperately need.”


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