Cosmic Diet # 2

The Cosmic Diet works! I have lost weight while gaining muscle! Why? Because the Cosmic Diet encourages you to respect food and consider what you eat. Please check out our new book on Amazon & Kindle: Temple of Heaven & Earth, concerning astronomy and energy management. If you are fat and ugly like me -a lot of the problem was that we did not understand energy management. After a restful night's sleep our 50+ million damaged cells are restored. We are recharged by sleep and inactivity which is essential to restore our bodies and mind. In reality we do not need to seek energy in food and drink -but we do not want to shock our system completely. Therefore start the day with fresh fruit and nuts. Overall, we should try to become partners with the current cycles of the universe. The cosmic diet makes us consider, 'what is happening in the cosmos?' First of all, what season are we it? Spring is moist (Lay off moist stuff it IS already in the air); Summer is hot (you need to drink and fight the heat with moisture); Autumn is very dry (increase your water intake); Winter is cold (you may now eat more fulsome and rich meals). Now consider the Moon phase: New Moon to First Quarter is moist (figure this in to your seasonal calculations); First Quarter to Full Moon is hot (you need not eat as much): Last Quarter to New Moon is cold (yes, you may eat a little bit more). Finally factor in Morning is moist, afternoon is hot, evening is dry, and night is cold. More advanced students should read Culture of Astronomy and Temple of Heaven & Earth and consider an astrological addition to your perspective by considering where planets are in the sky and how they are influencing the seasons in their cycles. When you are in tune with the universe, you become in tune with your material and spiritual self! Your body and intelligence have entered the flow of the cosmos.

Please consult your doctor before trying this or any new diet.
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