All Time Record Heat in California

September 1, 2017 marks 'All Time Record Heat in California' and elsewhere. Is this a sign of Global Warming or Climate Change. No, it is not. It is a simple, single astrological event producing the most extraordinary heat since record keeping began in 1849. It will last about three days and then de-materialize as a one time event.

As anyone can see: the Sun, Mars, and Mercury are in conjunction in the fire-sign of Leo. These are triangular to Saturn, Galactic Center, and Moon in another fire-sign, Sagittarius. The planets Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune are part of this equation through geometric relationships according to Classical Ptolemaic astrology. Planetary positions are Right-Ascension from via Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena DE245.

I am so sick and tired of Classical Astrology being defamed as un-scientific. I have been recording natural events such as weather and earthquakes for over 50 years. Please call your Congress Person to promote education in this science.


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