THE COSMIC DIET by Thomas Karl Dietrich 3/3/2015 @3:33 PM

***Before starting on any diet, you must consult your doctor***

By good fortune I was struck by the Georgia Flu and became violently ill with horrendous bodily convulsions which caused a weight loss of about ten pounds. Such a reduction in body weight is remarkable in aged people of sixty-six years. I resolved to turn this event to my profit, and I would practice a strict diet to maintain this wonderful weight-loss.
My wife and I had attended a six week weight-loss program by Kaiser Health where we picked up some important tips: This diet is based upon Cosmic principles.
·         You must take control of your body. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at regular time periods. Cut down on the size of the portions. Do not miss a meal. Do not snack between meals. These rules are absolutely core because you do not want to frighten your body by starvation tactics which will put your whole system out of regularity and balance. You want to assure your body that food is coming at regular time periods, even though it may come in reduced quantity. There is no fooling around or cheating. Meals at regular time periods are coming –THERE IS NO SNACKING FOR ANY REASON EVER! I used to smoke and snack as little rewards for completing jobs and assignments at work or home. Honestly, we need to grow up –we do not need a reward every time we do something.
·         Most of us know which foods harm us. People say to me, “Tom likes the bread (Sourdough).” We need to stop eating ‘junk food’, processed foods, sugary corn syrup, etc. I started by eliminating all white bread, and eat only Wasa Sourdough crackers. You must bless the food before you eat –to remind yourself that food is a serious matter and must be taken in all seriousness. Just read some accounts about the infamous Irish Famine. We must appreciate food as something ‘holy’, and say a prayer of thanks to God for the food in front of us. The mandate to eat only ‘holy food’ reminds us to strictly avoid junk. Pure foods promote pure and true thoughts –we re-learn how to think simply and correctly. You will see how this diet encompasses an entire new worldview for our benefit and health. Eating bad processed food makes us stupid. Clean organic natural foods direct our thoughts and ideas.
·         It is absolutely ridiculous for us to “top-up” our bodies constantly with foodstuff. This insanity confuses our metabolism and our minds. It destroys our appreciation for nourishment and the delightful taste that foods have. We cannot respect, discriminate, nor savor foods because we have turned off our taste buds which have become superfluous to our existence when we continuously shovel food into our mouths. These taste buds are essential to tell us what our body needs to maintain health and to create anti-bodies to fight sickness and disease. I have seen people at a poolside repeatedly conveying potato chips to their mouth in a never ceasing mechanical cycle. This behavior is psychotic. Say to yourself –three meals a day, and no cheating.
·         Weight loss is closely associated with sleep, and definitely harmed by the deprivation of sleep. Most drug addicts and alcoholics are victims of sleep-deprivation. They stay up all night using or selling, or playing video games. The next morning they feel weak and miserable, and therefore desperately crave the need for more drugs and alcohol to help them on their way. Of course, they have no hope of ever getting up on time, or holding down a job, or completing school; and drift along as drones and a drain upon society –following this vicious cycle of self-damaging and unhealthy behavior. Lack of sleep stagnates all the best efforts of a diet. Every night the body needs to regenerate five-hundred million cells worn out during the last day. If you do not get a quiet and full night’s sleep you are lacking in energy –and are craving food; your only resource to energy at this stage. Scientists have discovered that when the Sun rises in the morning is the optimal time for thinking and writing. This is called ‘Dawn Surge’ when the electromagnetic shield of the Earth contracts to protect the planet from the Sun’s powerful light and energy. This contraction focuses human faculties to begin the challenges of the day in a creative frame of body and mind –perfectly balanced and in tune with itself, nature, and the cosmos. Supplement your regular eight hours of sleep with occasional naps, or just lie down prone and get off your feet to conserve energy. Lack of energy makes you hungry.
·         The diet needs to be reinforced with mild and correct exercise, such as walking in a scenic place where you mind can appreciate the beauties of nature, landscaping, or architecture. This has to be supported by some basic artificial exercise machine, or something as simple as pumping small weights.
·         After about a week and a half you should be experiencing some weight reduction. You have more energy, you are feeling better and stronger, and you are thinking clearer. More important than losing weight (which can come roaring back in a minute), you have changed your attitude. You are re-made and reborn. Food is only consumed at specific times and in reasonable portions. You should bless your food. Your food really tastes delicious, and you are happy with your intake. You have changed and become master of your diet. You talk to others about your diet ad nauseam–but who cares, you are actually garnering the odd compliment as to how well you look. You know what it is like to be fat and ugly –you say to yourself, “I wish never to return to that condition.”
·         You must weigh yourself in your underclothes every morning after you get up, and every evening before going to bed –in order to frighten yourself and to stay firmly committed to this weight-loss-program.
·         Without a doubt, you will soon plateau –after which there will be weight gain. This is where you win or lose. You must redouble your efforts in every category of this plan which is founded upon: No carbs Crisp bread –meals at regular times –no snacking –walking & weights –early to bed early to rise –eight hour sleep periods supplemented by naps and lying down flat to conserve energy –read a soothing book and avoid electronic media and devices which convince your body and metabolism that you are doing something when you are not –Good luck from Thomas K. Dietrich

My own dietary choices are unconventional because if you are going to be strict with yourself you should at least experiment with some different foods. Good food costs less than doctors, vitamin supplements, and medications. Only buy the best, spare no expense, and carefully hunt for new foods. Be discerning, and let your body tell you what it needs.
            Breakfast: Two Sourdough Wasa bread crackers which are lightly buttered and topped with wild, natural unfiltered, unheated honey. A side dish of mixed nuts from COSTCO, and a half a banana or any fresh organic fruit.
            Lunch: Two Sourdough Wasa bread crackers lightly buttered and topped with two slices of Westphalia ham, Prosciutto, or other meats or natural ripened cheese (never use processed cheese).
            Dinner: Whatever you wish to eat in very reasonable select portions of bread, spaghetti, and potatoes, fresh vegetables, mushrooms, fish or meat.
There are never any snacks permitted between or after meals; except maybe a glass of milk and milk chocolates or a spoonful of honey between dinner and bedtime that you can go to sleep properly without being kept awake by hunger. No dietary supplements except a good brand of vitamins twice a week until your body has adjusted to the lack of foodstuff (after about two months). If you have to work hard or drive long distances, please take a vitamin that morning.
***Before starting on any diet, you must consult your doctor***

Your best friend, Thomas K. Dietrich


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