Addition to 'Record Heatwave' Posting below

The astrological formation shown in the post below (Record Heatwave) also spawned Hurricane Irma in the Atlantic Ocean which swept by Puerto Rico and Cuba traveling up the west coast of Florida as its massive wide vortex created trouble on both coasts of Florida and also the east coasts of Georgia, and South Carolina with outrageous, high, record breaking storm surges. Irma also broke many records including continual days of 180 mph winds. Wow ! The point of landfall for Irma was directly between Galactic Center + Saturn and the planet Pluto (On September 1st, start of the heatwave, the Moon marked the eventual location of the landfall of Irma).Please, mark the Galactic Center on your astrological charts and forecasts, as this position is a power point that will give out energy in the future.


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