Bad Energy Could Be Curative Good Energy

In Temple of Heaven & Earth (2016) I put forward the idea that the Hayward and San Andreas Earthquake Fault-lines were responsible for the high-tech explosion of the Silicon Valley on the San Francisco Peninsula. These two geological fractures beneath the Bay Area tech-sector may also have helped produce the exceptionally high numbers of Nobel Prize recipients and Olympic athletes from the universities of Berkeley and Stanford. Numerous dowsers have chided this idea saying that these earth-shaking conduits carry nothing but black and negative electro-magnetic forces. I respond that there may be psychological evidence that suggests that it is a very different type of person that attends these famous universities. Berkeley is noted for its ‘counter-culture & Hippies,’ the ‘Radical Free Speech Movement,’ Livermore Laboratories, and ‘Save the Bay’ campaign that became an international model for environmental protection movements. Both institutions could be characterized by the film called ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ concerning academically, inventive, scientifically astute and ‘mentally driven’ individuals. Both universities were smart enough to have campaigned for and enlisted promising athletes whose achievements convert into instant and durable publicity for their campuses. The universities achievements are too numerous to detail and may be consulted online at w(x3); as well as sites for Stanford University:

Nobel Prizes: Berkeley, 22 faculty + 29 Alumni = 51. Stanford, 19 faculty + 13 deceased = 32
Olympic medals: U. Southern Calif. 288, Stanford 280, U. Calif. Los Angeles 224, Berkeley 185

I will contend that individuals with various graduations of ADD and OCD disorders; and multiple other fields of physical and psychological ‘infirmities’ –may thrive and react positively in an environment of negative energy which serves to modify, depress, and possibly tone-down tensions for those who suffer from the wide spectrum of these disabilities. The negative energy flows that course through the great active fault-lines of California; and the less active and almost dormant faults of Vancouver-Seattle (Seattle Fault) and Manhattan (Ramapo System) serve to naturally medicate and balance psychological trauma and promote ‘being normal.’ In fact, the very proximity to these earth-energies may surely produce individuals of heightened awareness and ability.

I would certainly suggest establishing clinics in the vicinity of earthquake fault-lines to treat many individuals that are saddled with hypertension and similar discomforts that they might achieve the true heights of their abilities. We should not conjecture that a universe built around positive and negative poles would equate negative with 'bad' and positive with 'good.' These are the principles that drive the universe for eternity. Maybe we should examine 'the power of negative thinking' in situations where 'positive thinking' has become over-used and actively stale.

Another curious incident was the very talented Oakland Athletics’ baseball pitcher, Barry Zito, who was transferred to the San Francisco Giants who perform atop the San Andreas fault-line. Zito played his early and amazing years near the Hayward fault-line in Oakland. The Giants offered him the top salary for a baseball hurler (at that time) for 126 million dollars according to the New York Times. Unfortunately, Zito never adjusted to the San Francisco atmosphere and never produced the results that his early exploits in Oakland seemed to foretell. Zito was raised in a spiritual metaphysical type of church founded by his grandmother. He earned the nicknames 'Planet Zito' and 'Captain Quirk,' surfs, and practices yoga and transcendental meditation. Baseball, like driving a car requires constant focus on what you are doing. Perhaps, Barry Zito became just too complex for baseball?


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